A: No, MIC is a non-partisan, all volunteer organization made up residents who are dedicated to the redevelopment of Mableton. We are not the government. We advocate for the Mableton community and keep our members informed.  From the outset of the cityhood movement, MIC’s position has been neutral. Nowhere on our website, social media, or meeting minutes will you find us espousing a position of approval or opposition to the City of Mableton.  However, since the referendum was passed by the voters, it is our position that residents should come together to support the new City regardless of their position prior to the election.  The time to have litigated the boundaries or any other provisions of the city charter should have been in the years BEFORE the legislation was passed by the Georgia State Legislature.  To be clear, MIC and the Austell Community Task Force presented the only community forum that included both proponents and opponents of cityhood.

A: The organization that explored Mableton cityhood was originally named the South Cobb Alliance. The organization that campaigned for passage of the ballot referendum was named MabletonYes.

A: MIC is a non-partisan organization. MIC board members who run for political office would have to resign from MIC’s Board of Directors.

A: It is unclear to us who actually drafted and proposed the boundaries for the city of Mableton. We know then State Representative, Erica Thomas, carried the legislation in the Georgia state legislature.  However, how the boundaries were determined is unclear to us.  We do, however, know that ALL of our locally elected state legislators either voted or had the opportunity to vote for or against the referendum to establish the city of Mableton.

To view how State House Representatives and State Senators in the Georgia Legislature voted on the City of Mableton bill, click here and look under ‘Votes.’  To view who sponsored the City of Mableton bill? Click here.


A: The pro-cityhood people would have to answer this question. You may visit the South Cobb Alliance and the MabletonYes websites.

Other websites to view: Cobb County’s Mableton City website

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