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The City of Mableton was approved by the voters in a referendum on the General Election Ballot on November 8, 2023.

MIC’s Position on Cityhood – The Mableton Improvement Coalition has maintained a neutral stance on the City of Mableton incorporation question since inception of the movement. View our official statement here.

First City Election – The referendum was the result of the General Assembly’s passage of House Bill (HB-839), which set the boundaries of the City, established city council districts, and laid out the powers of the Mayor and Council. The law also established March 21, 2023, as the date for a special election for the first Mayor and Council Members.


January 2:               First Day to Apply for Absentee Ballot

January 18-20:         Candidate Qualification Period

February 13 & 21:      Meet The Candidates Forums (see below)

February 21:             Last day to register to vote

February 27:            Early Voting begins and Absentee Ballots mailed  (For voting locations & time, click here.

March 21:                Election Day

April 18:                  Run-off Election Day


February 13:            City Council Districts 1, 2, 3 & 5 Watch Recording

February 21:            Mayor and City Council Districts 4 & 6 Watch Recording

Time:                      6:30 to 8:30pm  (both days)


Candidate websites, MIC-produced videos, and voter guides published by local media, click here.

Qualified Candidates published by Cobb County Elections, click here.

To view SAMPLE BALLOT, click here.

To find your district, click here.


Terms & District Map – According to House Bill (HB) 839, the first Council will serve staggered terms and will represent six Council districts shown on this map. Three of the initial Council members will serve from March 2023-December 2025, and the other three will serve from March 2023-December 2027.  Mayor and City Council members from Districts 1, 3, and 5 will serve 4-year term from March 2023-December 2027. City Council members from Districts 2, 4, and 6 will serve 2-year terms from March 2023-December 2025. After that initial Council, they will serve four-year terms.  The election is on a non-partisan basis.   Elected officials cannot serve more than three consecutive terms. The City Council will take office following the certification of the election results of March 21, 2023 or run-off election on April 18, 2023.

For more details on qualifying, polling places, voting by mail, and other information, click here.

ATTENTION MABLETON VOTERS – On Monday, February 6, 2023, the State of Georgia transitioned to a new voter registration system.  Due to the move, voters within the new City of Mableton will NOT be able to immediately view their state and local districts on the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page.  If you need immediate information regarding your district, contact the Cobb County Election office at 770-528-2581 or email:  For more info, click here.

City Services – Proponents of the City of Mableton and the feasibility study prepared in accordance with state law put forth four services that the new City would offer: waste management; code enforcement; planning, zoning, and economic development; and parks and recreation. The legislation establishing the city does not name these services, but instead includes the list of all services that all cities are authorized to provide.

Once elected, the Mayor and City Council will determine which services to deliver to its citizens – and whether to deliver the services directly or through a contract with the County, another local government, or a vendor.  Throughout the transition period, the County will continue to provide services and functions except for those that the Mayor and Council are allowed to discharge according to HB 839 or as agreed upon between the County and City.  The level of service provided by the County after the transition period will depend upon the mutual agreement of the Board of Commissioners, Mayor, and City Council.

Transition Period – The Governor may appoint five persons to serve as “interim representatives” or “transition team” for the city. However, that group cannot enter into binding agreements or expend public funds.  The members of this group will be ineligible to qualify for election to the new city council. State law allows for a transition period up to 24 months for the transition of government functions from the county to the new municipal corporation.

City residents remain a part of Cobb County and will continue to be represented on the Cobb County Commission by District 4 Representative Monique Sheffield. Cobb County Government officials have publicly stated that they are eager to assist new city appointees and officials to ensure smooth transition to the new city government.

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